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Submission Guidelines

We get hundreds of submissions every week. Most of the submissions require extensive editing, resulting in enormous additional man-hours to include them in our database. Therefore, we have decided to charge a nominal review fee ranging from US$2.99 to US$6.99 for all reviews depending on how soon you want your submission to be reviewed. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS CLEARLY BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR SUBMISSION. (If you are a Service Provider and wish to submit URLs in bulk, please write to submissions at for special facilities and rates.)

Over the years, we have learned that those who are willing to pay to promote their sites are serious about their sites too. We are looking for such serious site-owners whose submissions will be really an asset to our site.

If, for any reason whatsoever, we do not accept your site or we fail to review your site within the specified time frame, we will refund the review fee in full.

We believe that it is the site owner's prerogative to design a website solely as desired by him or her. Once the site is live, it is again the owner's prerogative to decide which keywords he should be using to promote the site. It is based on this belief that we have designed this resource engine. Read through this page often while you are making your submission.

Submission Process:
There are several links provided to make your submission as easy as possible. The simplest of them is the "Add URL" link in the menu on top.

You will find various submission links on almost all pages as you navigate through the site. The link wordings are self-explanatory. Click on an appropriate link if you see one. The difference between these links are that they come up with pre-filled fields in the submission form, depending on where you are on the site.

Currently, only one URL per site can be submitted to KnowBe.Com. Choose the best page you want to submit. Substituting URLs is not possible. Also please note to choose a page which will satisfy conditions of Site Name, Category and Additional Keywords as described below.

Email Address:
Email validation is part of submission and modification processes and will be done automatically if you follow the instructions on the submission/modification page. Kindly note that your email address will not be given to any one for any purpose, under any circumstances, except if required by the law. To avoid sp@mmers using your email, we will not be displaying your email address anywhere on our site.

Site Name:
This is what will appear in the search results identifying your site. The first five words of the site name also form part of keywords for your site. It could be your organization's name or anything else that will describe your site. It could be even a phrase or two. However, whatever you choose as the site name should be seen on the page submitted exactly as submitted. For example, if you choose the site name "Gardening in New York - MyCompany Inc.", these phrases ("Gardening in New York" and "MyCompany Inc") must be seen on the submitted page. Needless to say, the site name should read natural and must not look like a bunch of keywords. If they do, they are likely to be re-phrased.

City & Country:
Choose your City and Country from the dropdown list. If your City is not listed in the dropdown list, enter your City in the box below and choose your country from the dropdown list below the box. If the information submitted by you is not found on the site, it may be modified appropriately or may not be included in the details. Your listing will be displayed in city-wise searches only if the information is available on your site.

Your listing will appear under this category during a category-wise search. The words in your category will also form part of keywords for your site. Choose the most appropriate category from the dropdown list. If your category is not available in the list, enter the new category in the box below. Browse the categories in the dropdown list and see how category names are framed. Do not create a new category by mere jumbling of words in an existing category. It can affect your exposure, and in most cases, will be re-worded by the reviewers.

Additional Keywords:
Unlike other search engines, we do not read your pages and rank your words for their density or other parameters. Instead, we index only keywords designated by the site owner. The designated keywords are words in your Site Name (first 5 words), Category (maximum 5 words) and Additional Keywords. Enter the additional keywords here. Including Additional Keywords, Site Name and Category, you can go upto a maximum of 12 different keywords. That is, in other words, the total number of words in Site Name, Category and Additional Keywords should not exceed 12. Example: If the Site Name contains 4 words, Category another 4 words, you can enter upto 4 additional keywords in this box. Please note that the additional keywords entered must be seen on the subsmitted page. If the total exceeds 12, the excess ones will be automatically deleted. Your url, city name and country name are automatically included as keywords for your site. Duplicate keywords will also be automatically excluded. The words in your site name, city name, country name and category need not be repeated in the keywords.

In most cases, it is the description that prompts the visitor to click on the link to your site. We can display a set of results that contain your site, but there is no way we can force the visitor to click on your link. That is the job of the description. So write the most appropriate and persuasive description possible within the prescribed 250 characters. Ideally, the first line or two of your opening paragraph on your submitted page should make an excellent description. Use of adjectives, superlatives and an un-naturally high sales pitch is likely to detract your visitor. Write naturally. HTML codes or URLs are not permitted inside the description.

Phone & Fax Numbers:
Enter your phone and fax numbers together with the area code. Phone number is required (mandatory). Fax is optional. If the information submitted is not available on the site or does not match with the one on the site, the information may not appear along with your listing details.

All submissions and modifications are subject to review. Submissions and modifications which do not conform to these guidelines will be dropped. Depending upon the submission/modification density, it may take a few days to few weeks to review your submission/modification. The thumb rule is, the easier you make it for the reviewers (by submitting information exactly as requested), the earlier your submission is likely to be included. Preference will also be given to referred submissions.

Note: The following type of sites will not be accepted for inclusion:

  • Porn, Gay, Gambling or illegal sites, or sites with links to these sites.
  • Sites which promote smoking or tobacco products (either directly or indirectly).
  • Sites which seem to promote UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) directly or indirectly.
  • Sites under construction and or temporary sites.
  • If an already included site is later found to be falling in any of the above types, the site will be dropped from our database.

    What is"seen":
    Seen means they are available to the visitor to read on the submitted page. Also means that they are not hidden behind something, page or otherwise. Not in the ALT tags, but on the page itself. In plain text. Not only in the source file, but also in the output html file. If the words chosen for Site Name, Category or Additional Keywords are not "seen" on the page, the submission/modification may not be approved.

    Rotating Search Results:
    All search results are rotated except category-wise in cities, which is in alphabetical order. Meaning, every search request for the same set of keywords will display a different set of results. Therefore, all entries for a set of keywords will be displayed in rotation. Even when you refresh the results page, you will get a new set of results. Thus all the entries listed on our site will get an equal opportunity. That is why we call ourselves "an equal opportunity Resource Engine". The larger the number of visitors and searches, the faster the displayed results will rotate. Therefore, it is in your interest as well as ours, to let more people search at KnowBe.Com !

    Modify a Listing:
    Click on the links "Modify this Listing" (adjacent to every listing displayed) or "Modify" (in the menu on top) to initiate a modification process.

    Report a Listing:
    A lot of human effort is going into bringing you these relevant results. While every care is taken to include a listing in an appropriate category, etc., it is likely that sometimes human errors will override. If, in your opinion, a link does not match the information displayed therewith, or if a link is not working, you may report that listing, using the "Report this Listing" link displayed adjacent to every listing. If the reviewers agree with your report, suitable action will be taken to remedy the situation. We seek your co-operation and appreciate your efforts to keep the quality of our listings high.

    Bulk Submissions:
    If you are a Service Provider and wish to submit URLs in bulk, please write to submissions at for special facilities and rates.

    Know Before you act; and let others Know Before they do. Get listed at KnowBe !

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